What Is Personal Data at Marsch?

At Marsch, we believe strongly in fundamental privacy rights — and that those fundamental rights should not differ depending on where you live in the world.

That’s why we treat any data that relates to an identified or identifiable individual or that is linked or linkable to them by Marsch as “personal data,” no matter where the individual lives.

This means that data that directly identifies you — such as your name — is personal data, and also data that does not directly identify you, but that can reasonably be used to identify you — such as the serial number of your device — is personal data. Aggregated data is considered nonpersonal data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy covers how handles personal data whether you interact with us on our websites, or in person (including by phone or when visiting). Marsch may also link to third parties on our services. Marsch’s Privacy Policy does not apply to how third parties define personal data or how they use it. We encourage you to read their privacy policies and know your privacy rights before interacting with them.